Roly Poly Crochet Edging

Crochet Pattern

By: Amal Saleh

Aka: Purpleneedle

This is one of my top favorite crochet edging because of its 3D effect and simple technique.

For the inexperienced eye, it may look like a picot edge, but it’s not. When blocked, it has a spiky look. When unblocked it curls on its self like a Roly Poly and gives the 3D picot look.


Skill Level: Easy

Finished Measurements: Each spike is 1/2 to 1 inch in length and 3/4th inch in width.

You Need: Size G hook (4.25mm) & Light to Medium Worsted Weight Yarn.(Or any size hook suitable for the yarn you’re using)

Yardage Estimation: 15 to 20 yards to finish 30 spikes.

 Notes: This edging could be used for any crochet or knitted project. Just make sure the number of stitches in your raw edge is devisable by three.

I personally think it’s the best edging for granny squares because when stretched open its spiky shape complements the 3 double crochet clusters in the classical granny square.

How To

Step One: Slipstitch where you need to start your edging.

Step Two: Loosely, chain 3 stitches.


Step Three: Crochet another 3 stitches tightly.


Step Four: Double Crochet in fourth chain-stitch, from hook.


Step Five: Double Crochet in fifth chain-stitch, from hook.

Step Six: Double Crochet in sixth chain-stitch, from hook.


Step Seven: Skip three chain-stitches then slipstitch in next stitch or the next space when working on a granny square.

Step Eight: Repeat the previous steps until you reach the desired edge or meet the beginning point.







































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