Granny’s Spirit Shawl



Crochet Pattern

By: Amal Saleh

AKA: Purpleneedle


Do you often find yourself looking for a quick easy last minute gift? This shawl can be finished in less than a week.

The design plays with two solid colors to represent spirit of schools, colleges and sport teams. It makes a thoughtful gift for the teachers and students in your life.

This triangular shawl is worked from top down using H size hook and bulky yarn

Size: Large/ XLarge

Skill Level: Easy

Finished Measurements: (Unwashed Unstretched) 82” x 40”


  • Bulky Yarn Category 5
  • Yarn used in featured project – Cascade Eco


  • Two contrasting colors or two main colors of the recipient’s school or team.
  • Colors used in featured project

Color A – 8894 Christmas Green

Color B – 4009 Aporto


Color A yardage should double Color B yardage

  • Color A – 2 Skeins (956 yards/500 grams)
  • Color B – 1 Skein (478 yards/250 grams)
  • Total 1434 to 1440 yards


  • Size H hook (5mm)
  • Yarn needle to weave ends
  • Yarn cutter
  • Tassel Maker (Optional)


  • 4 Repeats of 3Dc Clusters in 2”
  • 3 Rows in 2”


  • This pattern has three Sections:
  1. Section A – Crochet with color A (40 Rows)
  2. Sections A & B – Crochet one row with color B and the next row with color A (10 Rows)
  3. Sections B – Crochet with color B (6 Rows)
  • 3Ch Stitch is counted as one stitch.
  • Before you start this project, make sure you’ve mastered Granny Stitch (3Dc Clusters)
  • You can work this pattern with any yarn weight and its compatible hook. Just keep in mind that the yardage needed to complete your shawl will be different from what’s written in pattern.
  • If you use different yarn weight, but the same hook size suggested in pattern, you might get the same size included in pattern, but the thickness of your stitches and the weight of the shawl will differ.


Stitches & Abbreviations:

Ch Chain
3Ch 3 Chain Stitch
Clusters Multiple of 3Dc or 3Hdc
Dc Double Crochet
Dc in Sp Work Double Crochet in the space indicated in pattern
3Dc 3 Double Crochet
3Hdc 3 Half Double Crochet
Join Slip Stitch Into V-Stitch between 3-Ch & next Stitch

Or slip stitch to join one chain stitch to another

Rep Repeat stitches
Sp(s) Space(s)
St(s) Stitch(s)



Sections A – 40 Rows

With Color A, Ch 5 and join to make a Ring

By the end of this Section you should have Eighty-Two 3Dc Clusters

Row 1 ·      Chain 3 (Edge Dc)

·      3Dc in Ring (First 3Dc Cluster)

·      Chain 1

·      3Dc in Ring (Second 3Dc Cluster)

·      Chain 2 (Row 1 Spine Space)

·      3Dc in Ring (Third 3Dc Cluster)

·      Chain 1

·      4Dc in Ring (Fourth 3Dc Cluster + Edge Dc)

·      Turn

Total= Four 3Dc + 2 Edge Dc

Row 2 ·      Chain 3 (Edge Dc)

·      3Dc in Sp between 3Ch and First 3Dc Cluster

·      3Dc in Sp between First & Second 3Dc Clusters

·      3Dc in Spine Space

·      Chain2 (R2 Spine Space)

·      3Dc in Spine Space

·      3Dc in Sp between Third & Fourth 3Dc Clusters

·      4Dc in Sp between Fourth 3Dc Cluster and last Dc

·      Turn

Total= Six 3Dc Clusters + 2 Edge Dc

Row 3 – 40 Rep Row 2 Steps

You should have 2 more 3Dc Clusters on each Row


Number of 3Dc Clusters in Section A





Section B– 10 Rows

At the end of Row 40, join Color B and turn.

Do Not Cut Color A

By the end of Row 10 of this section, you should have One Hundred and Two clusters

Row 1,


·      With Color B, Rep Row 2 Steps from Section A except for the Spine St. Instead of 3Dc, Ch2, 3Dc, Work 3Hdc, Ch2, 3Hdc

·      Secure last stitch by weaving yarn ball in last St loop

·      Do Not Cut Color B

Row 2,


·      Return to Color A Side (Beginning of Row 1)

·      Carry yarn up to first Stitch in Row 1

·      Pull Color A through the Sp between First St and 3Dc Cluster of Row 1 and Chain 3

·      3Dc in the same Sp

·      Continue as Row 1

·      At the end of Row 2 join Color B

·      Do Not Cut Color A until you finish Row 10


Section C – 6 Rows

Return to Color B Side and crochet 6 Rows like Row 1 from Section B

By the end of this section you should have One Hundred and Fourteen clusters


  • You can work any edging you like.
  • In Featured Shawl, I did not add any edging.


  • Optional
  • Included in yardage
  • I used 6” Ruler and  Color A to make 3 Tassels


How To Avoid Mistakes:

  • Pay attention to the space where you crochet the 3Dc Clusters. Sometimes one can confuse that space with the Spine Space or the spaces within the 3Dc Cluster.
  • Make sure that the Spine Space has 2 Chains
  • Count the Spine 3Dc Clusters or the Edge 3Dc Clusters to know the Row number
  • To avoid counting every Row, keep folding the shawl in half at the Spine, if the two wings are equal, you are good to go


How To Customize The Size Of Your Shawl:

Increasing or decreasing the Row numbers of any section will increase or decrease the size of your Shawl.




2 thoughts on “Granny’s Spirit Shawl

  1. Hi, thanks so much for sharing your pattern!
    I just had a question for row 2, section A. Should the last set of dc clusters have 4 instead of 3 dcs? Otherwise, I think that there wouldn’t be an edge stitch made…

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